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First a little about me: I am mother to Allie & Nicole and wife to Ron.  
I sit on the board of Leadership Eastside (and am a graduating member of the inaugural class) and Pacific Harp Institute.
In my spare time I sing in my church choir, 
and am immediate past moderator of our church
Ron tells me I do too much! (Oh, did I mention I just applied to graduate school?!)

 I was the Campaign Manager for John Marchione who
I am very pleased to report is now the Mayor of Redmond!

And right now am active in the Washington Volunteers for Barack Obama!

I spent a year on the recruiting team for Google, great fun working for the "best company to work for!".

I am passionate about: music (I'm still trying to teach myself how to play guitar!), Organizational Design,
theater (especially musical theater), sprint-triathlons and my husband! I also enjoy photography and making baby quilts

This is my favorite photo I've taken yet - on the shores of Whidbey Island last August!

This is right after I finished my first triathlon - The Danskin Sprint Tri in 2000. I'm with my training buddies Kate, (me), Julianne, Kimberley, and Kate's sister Melissa who came up from Portland to join us.

This is me rafting down the Skykomish River (Class V)

This is me with my Dad, sister & brother. Feb 2005

In loving memory of
Donel G.McClellan
October 22nd, 1937 - May 13, 2005

The whole family at N-Sid-Sen July 2004

This is me with my horse  Delling - he's a Norwegian Fjord
Had to sell him - but he's gone to a friend who will give him lots of love and more training than I was able to!


I took a photography class - great fun! This is one of my favorite pictures I took.

This is me on my favorite school horse  Blakken
(he's a Norwegian Fjord too. This is what Delling's mane is supposed to look like!) 



Here are a few of the places I like to visit on the web:


Leadership Eastside - is the next generation leadership development program, distinguished by a focus on enhancing community leadership capabilities and building regional perspectives.


Pacific Harp Institute - Just getting started. Got involved in this organization through Nicole who plays the harp.


Trademark Graphic Services - my brother is Creative Director of New Media - anything you need in web design and/or print!


Bright Wings - Dad's blog journaling his dance with cancer.

bullet - My brothers web site - cool stuff, he's designed some great pages - definitely the artist in the family!


Seattle Men's Chorus - Directed by none other than our very own Dennis Coleman (who directs our church choir.)


Danskin Triathlon - This is the race that started my tri-passion. Although I'm doing others now as well, it's still my favorite.


WSU Master Gardeners - Contrary to my inherited genes, I know nothing about gardening, but I've inherited an incredible garden, so I'm trying to learn what I'm doing before I kill something!


Silverado Vineyards - join their wine club, get 10-20% off on wines, don't pay tax and get 2 bottles of wine every quarter! The '94 Cab reserve is definitely worth a try!

Here  is a publishing of my father's writings including the poem he wrote when Ron & I got married:
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Writings of Donel G. McClellan
(warning, this is a 1mb file)
This is a .pdf file. You will need Acrobat Reader ver. 3.0 to read it.
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