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A warning to would-be programmers: this is me before I started programming full-time; this is me now.

04-25-2006 -- A year and a half at M:Metrics and it's time to move on. The company is doing well; it has a strong portfolio of name brand clients, is being referenced as the authoritative source on mobile data consumption, and is expanding into Europe. So no complaints on that front.

However... there's a new kid in town and his name is Google.

As of May 22, 2006, I'm joining Google as an Engineering Director for their growing Kirkland development site. See the post on my new blogger site for details. (The existence of which probably means this page will get updated even less often than before.)

01-16-2005 -- Ok, despite the complete lack of page updates during the year of 2004, it was a pretty exciting year.

I left WildGrid (the company I helped start in October of '03) in March because of a whole big soap opera drama I may be willing to tell you if you buy me a beer or two. Over the summer, I worked at Sproqit Technologies with my old friend Andy Peterson. Andy and I worked together back at Boeing and then later at Connectsoft. At the end of the summer I got a call from a friend of a friend of a friend (yay, Seattle tech network!) who was looking for someone to head up the engineering group for yet another new venture. In September, we kicked off M:Metrics where we are busily putting together a measurement and analysis system to track and project mobile device data consumption. Joey McCoy (QRate and Action Engine), Barb Grecco (Connectsoft and Action Engine) and Rob Howard (Action Engine) have all come along to join my engineering team there.

11-30-2003 -- On October 17th, I left the hallowed halls of the Action Engine and started on a new, exciting venture. More details later.

04-22-2003 -- Still at Action Engine, writing code for some of the various new mobile devices -- MS Smartphone, Symbian OS, Palm 5. I mostly stick to the MS Smartphone devices and let the other kids play with Symbian and Palm.

02-14-2003 -- Jeni bought me a horse for Valentine's Day. Yipee kiyay... We now have three -- Jake (mine), Delling (Jeni's), and Mickey (the girls'). They join the two angora goats -- Snorgle and Pansy -- and replace the two highlander steers (who have almost finished their tenure in our freezer.) There are probably pictures up on the main family page somewhere if Jeni's been on the ball. (ed note: It's not a great picture, but you'll get the general idea here: horses)

02-12-2001 -- Man, time flies... MovieCentral has gone pure virtual. It's still around, just no office. I decided I was going to be unemployed for awhile but started going crazy so hooked up with the good folk at Action Engine. Cool toys and a great group of people. If you can't figure out exactly what we do from the web-site, you're not alone. All will become clear in time.

10-30-2000 -- Time for another update. We just relaunched QRate.com as MovieCentral.com. It's getting pretty cool now so go take a look. Oh, and you don't really "gotta love the 'weed" any more (bastards.) Stamps.com has seen some pretty major changes of late too. I'll leave that investigation as an exercise for the reader.

02-01-2000 -- Let's see. Time marches on... Worldtalk is no longer -- they got acquired by Tumbleweed Communications, gotta love the 'weed! iShip.com is also no longer -- they took the shortcut to public status by getting purchased by stamps.com. Best of luck to everyone involved! (ed note: iShip.com is back -- long story...)

What I've been reading.

01-05-2000 -- I am no longer an employee of iShip.com. Starting on January 6th, I'll be a founder and Vice President of Engineering at QRate.com.

06-30-1999 -- I am no longer an employee of the Worldtalk Corporation. Starting on July 6th, I'll be lending my programming efforts to the up-and-coming internet company, iShip.com.

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